Looking to Buy or Sell a Premier Ranch? What You Need to Know

February 14, 2020
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UC Ranch Properties is an enhanced platform for premier ranches. The brokers and agents involved all meet specific and demanding qualifications.

Buying and selling ranch land is a complex experience. When you add in more acreage and a custom, luxury home, that experience can be even more difficult.  That’s why United Country Real Estate’s focused team of ranch experts formed the UC Ranch Properties brand.

UC Ranch Properties is an enhanced platform for selling premier ranches. The brokers and agents involved must meet specific and demanding qualifications on ranch property experience, knowledge and results to guarantee unmatched service and consultation.

The UC Ranch Property team offers extensive expertise in ranch management, land use issues, agricultural production, real estate and property law, water and resource management, ranch construction, restoration, wildlife habitat and more. This group of experts offer the most extensive marketing and advertising for premier ranches and the UCRanchProperties.com website also provides the largest private selection of premier ranches for sale nationwide.

If you’re looking for luxury ranchland, a cattle ranch, recreational ranch or hunting ranch, our experts offer some advice. “Once you’re ready to buy, make sure you choose an agent who is experienced in the type of ranch you want,” said Ted Harvey, experienced United Country ranch broker in Wyoming. “A lot of people tend to choose an agent for the wrong reasons. Like it’s your brother or friend, but if they don’t know the ins and outs of ranch,land, it could hurt you in the long run.”

Many ranch experts also say that land is always a good investment. Land investments are generally safer and appreciate more long-term as opposed to the stock market. However, if you’re at the point of retirement or just ready to sell your current operation, make sure you’re doing it the right way. “If you’re selling, make sure you price your property correctly from the beginning instead of chasing the market later. The buyers out there are savvy so it’s better to be competitive than overpriced,” said Dustin Ray, United Country ranch expert in Texas. “Set realistic expectations of the process,” adds Harvey. “The average time it takes to sell from beginning to close is around 18 months. But as always, hire the right agent who really understands ranch land and can guide you through the process.”

If you’re ready to buy or sell your premier ranch and want marketing power, local and national representation and the support of hundreds of highly experienced and talented ranchland professionals, contact an agent with UC Ranch Properties today. You can view all the available listings and find someone near you by visiting www.UCRanchProperties.com.