Sell for Top Dollar by Making These Easy Updates

November 23, 2016
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With a few simple, low-cost tweaks, you can walk away from the sale with even more money in your pocket in a shorter amount of time.

It’s been a seller’s market in 2016 with many buyers ready to make a deal. Mortgage interest rates are low and there are more buyers than sellers, causing residential sales to soar. If you’re looking to sell quickly and make top-dollar, now is the time to do so. With a few simple, low-cost tweaks, you can walk away from the sale with even more money in your pocket in a shorter amount of time.

  • Improve Your Landscaping Add a splash of color with a few flower beds or potted flowers and vary the height of plants. Make sure all your hedges are trimmed and there is an easy, clean walkway to your front entrance. Add a nice focal point like a fountain to add major value.
  • Do Small Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations Get a new vanity in the bathroom and/or replace countertops in the kitchen. You can also brighten up your kitchen by sanding and painting your existing cabinets.
  • Deep Clean Make sure everything inside and outside shine. Spray down the paneling on the outside and clean the windows on the inside and out. Make sure there is no clutter in the house and everything is cleaned thoroughly.
  • Paint New paint can make a room seem brighter and new. Use contrasting colors on the trim and don’t forget to pain the ceiling.
  • Inspect the Nitty-Gritty Hire an electrician and plumber to provide a thorough inspection on the entire home. They can fix any loose wires or water leaks. This lets a buyer know that the house has been properly taken care of.
  • Replace or Restore Old Carpeting A professional carpet cleaner can make a carpet look new without a big cost. If the carpet is too worn, consider replacing the old carpet or strategically place neutral colored rugs.
  • Depersonalize your Space A family looking into buying a new home wants to envision themselves living in the home. Neutralizing the home by packing away family photos and personal information off things like the refrigerator will allow the family to see a blank slate.
  • Consider Staging A professional can guide you on how to stage your home in order to make it more appealing to a buyer. Small details like adding décor, shifting furniture to make rooms feel larger and switching out drapes can make a big difference.

Overall, the return on investment you’ll get from small improvement projects will vary depending on the value of your home, the value in your market and how soon you sell after making the updates. Remember, your goal is to make sure your house puts its best foot forward without breaking the bank.

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