The Importance of Using a Real Estate Agent

April 23, 2019
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While there are obvious perks to using an agent like paperwork, negotiating and research, there are many reasons you may have not considered...

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a property, there are a lot of options you have and decisions you’ll have to make. Perhaps one of the biggest is whether or not to use a real estate agent.

While there are obvious perks to using an agent like having someone do the paperwork, negotiating and research for you, there are many reasons you may have not thought about. Before doing a For Sale by Owner or heading out to search for your next property on your own, check out some of the reasons our expert and experienced real estate agents and brokers have provided.

“I’ve spoken with attorneys who said that 80% of those doing a ‘for sale by owner’ are opening themselves up to a potential lawsuit. An agent will help make sure that doesn’t happen.” – Champ Edmunds, UCRE | Western Montana Group

“We know the pricing, have market knowledge and we are better negotiators.” – John Wilhite, UCRE | Prairie Creek Realty & Auctions LLC.

“I always focus on market research. As an agent, I have a far greater market reach than an owner does.” – Angie Murphy Mills, UCRE | Timberline Realty

“Many sellers are emotional about their properties, which leads to cloudy decision-making. They have a lot of pride in what they've done, and think that their property is far better than others, while overlooking their own property's obvious flaws. That leads to overpricing, first and foremost, which leads to a lengthy duration on the market and ultimately leads to a lower sales price. The other factor is negotiation. A seller needs a buffer zone between themselves and the buyer. We often see sellers getting their feelings hurt about the terms of an offer, when in reality it's just business. It's a much better idea to have a seasoned professional in your corner, rebuffing the hurtful aspects of an offer as "just business".” – Gary Hubbell, UCRE | Colorado Brokers

“There are so many reasons to use an agent over buying or selling on your own. 1. Convenience. Sellers won’t spend their evenings and weekends with tire kickers and buyers who aren’t qualified. 2. Safety. In today’s world, you don’t know if someone is scoping your place out as a potential target. An agent will normally prequalify a buyer. 3. Comfort. Buyers feel uncomfortable having a seller follow them around the house. Most sellers who have tried FSBO realize they don’t like seeing strangers open their closets and peek under their cabinets.” – Sara Ramsey Smith, UCRE | Voyage North Realty & Auction

Don’t underestimate the value of a Realtor. A good agent will help you navigate all of the extra things like inspection issues, water rights, HOA documents, neighborhood and market information and more. It’s also important that buyers understand that there is no such thing as the perfect house and see past the changeable. An agent will help you do that.” Tanette Lee, UCRE | Real Colorado Properties

“We have the best marketing ability to get the property sold for the best price in the shortest amount of time. We are professional in negotiations and preparation of marketing to close and transfer. There’s less hassle and you don’t pay until our job is completed. The real question is WHY WOULDN’T you use a Realtor? Especially a United Country one!” – Angela Stodden, UCRE | Heartland Realty

On top of these important reasons, a real estate agent has the ability and resources to aggressively market a property. This is important for the seller to have a better (and faster) shot at selling their property and for a buyer to find the property. In addition, agents know area resources that will help you with other things like warranties, appraisals, insurance, property taxes and utility costs.

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