United Country Announces Top Performing Sales Agents of 2020

February 25, 2021
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These talented real estate agents saw an average of 30 percent growth from 2019.

United Country Real Estate is excited to announce the top 100 performing sales agents in 2020! Representing the top 1-2 percent of all of United Country’s nearly 5,000 agents, these talented individuals saw an average of 20 percent growth from a record-breaking 2019. They sell an enormous amount of real estate year after year and are leaders within the United Country network.

Below is the full list of the top 100.

Numbers 1-50....

1. Curtis Stocking of UCRE | Green Fields Real Estate, CA, $63M 

2. Slade Priest of UCRE | Southern States Realty, MS, $54M

3. Brian Lensing of UCRE | Commercial, MO, $36M

4. Brandon Wikman & Joseph Nawrot of UCRE | Midwest Lifestyle Properties, WI, $32M

5. Daniel Neeley of UCRE | Neeley Forestry Service, AR, $25M

6. Levi Cox of UCRE | Blue Ridge Land and Auction, VA, $24.8M

7. David Hooper of UCRE | Southern States Realty, MS, $24.5M

8. Bruce Witt of UCRE | The O'Connor Agency, MO, $24.1M

9. Greg Musgrave of UCRE | Liepers Fork, TN, $21.7M

10. Kim Grennan of UCRE | West Plains Missouri Ozarks Realty, MO, $21.4M

11. Fred Bennett of UCRE | Nelson Real Estate & Auction Company, MO

12. Julie Piland of UCRE | Real Colorado Properties, CO

13. Nate and Ryan Ammons of UCRE | Hawkeye Farm Management and Real Estate, IA

14. Dennis Prussman of UCRE | Property Solutions, MO

15. Carmen McPhail of UCRE | Lifestyle Properties of Maine, ME

16. Stephanie Barron of UCRE | Smith & Associates, FL

17. Justin Pollard of UCRE | Missouri Land & Home, MO

18. Jeff Cooper of UCRE | Mixon Realty, OK

19. John Dyer of UCRE | Missouri Land and Home, MO

19. Jonathan Hickerson of UCRE | Columbia Realty & Auction, TN

20. Nora Chalifoux of UCRE | Leipers Fork, TN

21. Brooke Atkins of UCRE | Heart of the City Realtors, TX

22. Tony Alcott of UCRE | River City Realty of Savannah, TN

23. Jeff Daughdrill  ofUCRE | Southern States Realty, MS

24. Bob Bowman of UCRE | Mixon Realty, OK

25. Jason Smalls of UCRE | Land Pros, MO

26.  Darla Blackmon of UCRE |Staples Property Group, TX                         

27. Christy Titsworth of UCRE |Arkansas Properties, AR                                     

28. Kay Florence of UCRE | Cain Agency, TX                                            

29. Cody Cooper of UCRE |Ozark Realty, MO                                         

30. John Charles of UCRE |Metcalfe Realty & Auction, KY                          

31. Chad Madison of UCRE | Virginia Realty, VA                                              

32. Amy Tabor of UCRE | H5 Auction & Realty, TX                               

33. Jason Syens of UCRE | Midwest Lifestyle Properties, WI                

34. Paul Mainolfi of UCRE |406 Lifestyle, MT                                           

35. Kim Buchanan of UCRE | Columbia Realty & Auction, TN                   

36. Jake Hubbell of UCRE | Colorado Brokers & Auctioneers, CO                 

37. Debbie Jones of UCRE | Anders Realty and Auction, VA                   

38. Ben Jackson of UCRE | Bobo Realty & Land Company, TX               

39. Kimberly Young of UCRE | Clinch Mountain Realty and Auction, TN                    

40. Monte Shockley of UCRE | Mixon Realty, OK                                          

41. Nadene Berryessa of UCRE | Stevenson Realty, Auction and Mgt, CA     

42. Scott Campbell of UCRE | Southern States Realty, MS                         

43. Josh Barkhimer of UCRE | Neeley Forestry Service, AR                         

44. Lance Cureton of UCRE | Homestead Real Estate, MO                        

45. Shellady Udoni of UCRE | Udoni & Salan Realty Group, WI                 

46. Blake Merritt of UCRE | Heard Auction & Real Estate, OK                

47. Stuart Hemphill of UCRE | Southern States Realty, MS                         

48. Kurt Royster of UCRE | Virginia Realty                                              

49. Hunter Shearer of UCRE | Lakes and Land Realty and Auction, KY

50. Gary Anderson of UCRE | Northwest Realty & Auction, MT

Numbers 50-100...

51        Marco Ramirez                      1836 Realty Group, TX                                    

52        Ray Ver Hey                            Lake Palestine Real Estate, TX                     

53        Donna Douglas                      Lake Palestine Real Estate, TX                     

54        Bruce Witte                            Midwest Lifestyle Properties, WI                

55        Kristi Crane                             Smith & Associates, FL                                    

56        Ryan Johnson                         Gull Lake Realty, MI                                        

57        Heather Whistler                   Forbes Realty and Auctions, NC                  

58        Jeff Britt                                   Heartland Realty & Auction, KY                   

59        Jean & Jack Canterbury        Wapiti Ranch Realty & Auction, CO            

60        Laura Berman                         California Properties                                       

61        Ed Gallimore                           Blue Ridge Land and Auction, VA                

62        Teresa Bradley                       Ozarks Realty and Auction Group, MO       

63        Jacque Johnston                    Staples Property Group, TX                           

64        Laurie Hardie                          Graham Agency, MO                                      

65        Judi Snelling                           Sneffels Realty, CO                                           

66        Patrick Peacock                      West Texas Land & Homes                           

67        Rick Musick                            Musick & Sons Auction & Real Estate, ID    

68        Steve Hanson                         Hawkeye Farm Mgmt & Real Estate, IA      

69        Kristie Rackley                        Cozort Realty, MO                                            

70        Lamar Long                             Talking Rock Realty, GA                                   

71        Clasha Tanner                        Columbia Realty & Auction, TN                     

72        Kerry Boshers                         Columbia Realty & Auction, TN                   

73        Tanette Smith                        Real Colorado Properties                               

74        Mike Allen                              Timberline Realty, CO                                     

75        Danny Thomas                       NWA Real Estate, AR                                      

76        Bobby Turnipseed                 Smith & Associates, FL                                    

77        Christa Barlow                       Oklahoma Land & Auction                             

78        Cheryl Moseley                      Coastline Realty, NC                                       

79        David Smith                            Land Pros, MO                                                  

80        Jennifer Enz                             Stevenson Realty, Auction &  Mgmt, CA   

81        Kevin Sawyer                          Farm & Home Sales, MO                              

82        Linda DeVito                           Blue Ridge Land & Auction Co, VA              

83        Roger Crawley                        Lifestyle Properties, LA                                 

84        Shilo Jossart                            Ponderosa Realty, CO                                     

85        Kaila Carroll                            Preferred Real Estate, MN                           

86        Andy Wilhoite                        Columbia Realty & Auction, TN                   

87        Marla Denton                        Ozarks Realty and Auction Group, MO       

88        Chad Stocking                        Green Fields Real Estate, CA                        

89        Angie and Matt Strasse       Udoni & Salan Realty Group, WI                 

90        Cheyenne Friend Key            Heart Of Texoma, Realtors,

91        Hannah Davidson                  Diamond G Realty,AR                                     

92        Richard Theriault                   Lifestyle Properties of Maine                       

93        Justin Ball                                Mike Bendele, OK                                            

94        Troy Thurman                         Missouri Land & Home                                  

95        Marc Hitchcox                        Sneffels Realty, CO                                         

96        Penny Corona                         Hill Country Pros, TX                                       

97        Joey Haun                                Clinch Mountain Realty & Auction, TN      

98        Cissy McAndrew                    Mimbres Realty, NM                                      

99        Stacey Williams                      Forbes Realty and Auctions, NC                  

100      Eric Hollenberg                      Missouri Land & Home                                   


This elite group consist of many of the most well-known agents across the company, with some of them being prior number one agents in the nation and numerous of them being prior top 10 agents in this competitive group.  Congratulations to everyone.